Error Handling, the Elixir Way

When you start learning Elixir, the first you’ll learn is the culture of let it crash. Which sounds great! It measn that you don’t need to handle exceptions and the system heal itself , it’s to easy to fall in to trap of not catching any exception like I did.


It was almost a year ago that I got introduced to Elixir. I remember my first impression was yet another language on top of another one. In addition running a software on Erlang/OTP, it’s totally different beast and I was a bit skeptical about it. However I gave it a chance and after a year, I’m totally happy with the time I spend and I believe that everyone should take advantage of the language and the platform that is running on.

Find and Replace Regex Group Match in VIM


Regular expression is a special text string for describing a search pattern and since VIM is a full-fledged editor you can use a regex string to find what you’re looking for in a file.

If you are a VIM user you might already know that, same goes here! Until few days back I needed to do more than a usual search in my file.

I received a file with this content:


And I had to import into a table in database. I found a way to import CSV file to the database but after I imported all the records I noticed that the date column was wrong in the database. As you can see in the first column, date format isn’t what usually databases accept, the format should be like ‘2013-1-2’. Well I had two ways to fix the problem, either write a small script to fix the date or use VIM’s search and replace feature to fix the problem.

Dependency Manager for PHP

What is dependency manager?

Let’s say in your application you need to send a tweet from your Twitter account, what would you do? There are a many PHP Twitter client out there.

The quick way is just download one of them and put all the files in your application root. Well not a smart choice! You are adding someone code to your code base you need to maintain it, update it and so forth. What if there is a way that you say I want Library XYZ in my project version 2.0 and everything would be ready magically!

Say welcome to Composer.

Debugging Application Crash in Linux

Recently we had an issue with rsyslog daemon, now and then it was crashing and the only way to debug such an application (especially if it’s not something developed by your team) is using core dump. It’s not kind of task that you do every day and it took me a while to search and remember how did it last time.

Enable Core Dump

The first is step is to enable the Core Dump, It’s pretty simple. Follow this guide and you can enable it in no time.

The core dump only will be generated for those process that started after the above changes. Don’t forget to restart the daemon or application you have problem with.

Unleash the Daemons

I gave a talk at KL Ruby Brigade monthly meeting about Daemons in Unix environment.

If you want to know what the Daemon is, here is a quick explanation:

In multitasking computer operating systems, a daemon (/ˈdeɪmən/ or /ˈdiːmən/) is a computer program that runs as a background process, rather than being under the direct control of an interactive user Wikipedia

You may find my presentation here:

Online Course With Coursera

Coursera is online education center, it’s aim is to bring education for free to any person who is seeking for that.

I enrolled for three courses but I’ve only managed to attend one of them since 1 week ago that I registered. 

Software as a Service course is really great course for person who wants to learn SaaSRuby and Rails and beside that you have fun class. Even though is so soon to judge about Rails but I’ve already missed Django.

I like their teaching method, you follow lectures and do homework related to the lectures, and they give you a score for you works(apparently your submitted files is runed with unittest and each test has score). I’ve already learnt a lot about Ruby just with following course and doing homework.

After all don’t miss.

Monitor Zenoss With Chrome’s Plugin

As currently my life is kind of stuck into Zenoss, I made another tools for Zenoss.

This time, it’s a Google Chrome’s plugin, I can say it’s more useful than Zenroid, because you can watch out server’s alarm while you are browsing the web.

You can get source from zenchor repo and install it from Chrome Web Store.