First View of TurboGears Framework

I am going to work some place which needs learning TurboGears framework.

Before this I played with Django and until now that I am in chapter 5 from Rapid Web Applications with TurboGears book, I think Django is more easy and faster.

One thing that can be effect on selection of those, TG has a built-in AJAX widgets (I didn’t see any thing like CakePHP’s build-in widgets until now)

And other limitation I see in TG, you should insert all of your model in model.py file and all your controller in controller.py file. when you working in a group, you will know how it’s bad idea, because all developer working in single file !

Other reason I don’t like TG until now is TG using MochiKit for JavaScript and AJAX. I like script.aculo.us much more and I have good style on that but it seems I should change my way :(

Any way maybe I am newbie in TG and don’t know how it solve that problem and what is exactly it is !

OH ! I forget to say, Django has a Free book, but TG don’t.