Configure Asterisk and Zaptel on Ubuntu 6.*

Always I installed Asterisk and Zaptel on Ubutnu 6.*, I got a error and couldn’t find any files in folder /dev/zap/ !
Actually he said true ! because Zaptel file was in /dev/ folder.
When servers restart, I should create link to real device file(I try put this command on file rc.local but still had a problem on creating link). Until I goggled and find some manual for this problem.our problem will solved by udev.

Create File : /etc/udev/rules.d/50-udev.rules

KERNEL="zapctl", NAME="zap/ctl" , GROUP = "asterisk"
KERNEL="zaptimer", NAME="zap/timer" , GROUP = "asterisk"
KERNEL="zapchannel", NAME="zap/channel" , GROUP = "asterisk"
KERNEL="zappseudo", NAME="zap/pseudo" , GROUP = "asterisk"
KERNEL="zap[0-9]*", NAME="zap/%n" , GROUP = "asterisk"

Restart udev : /etc/init.d/udev restart

Now every time server restart udev create device in place where Asterisk wanted.