Asterisk's Chanspy Is Out of Sync

About 3 month ago we had a problem on ChanSpy in Asterisk. sounds were out of sync.
We do everything ! changing asterisk version, compiling different version of asterisk !
Users of that customer use EyeBeam as SIP Client, in asterisk bug tracker someone wrote there is a problem with onboard sound cards. so that we take a PAP2 and test ChanSpy with ordinary telephone and Bingoo ! everything was sync !

We did update EyeBeams and problem solved.

These days I have problem like before, this time problem is files which recorded by MixMonitor are out of sync. tomorrow I am going to take PAP2 to that location and test files. I hope problem solves by changing EyeBeam or even add PCI sound card.

I will update this post when get answer.
Update :

problem solved by updating asterisk to