MusicOnHold Is Choppy in Asterisk

Sometimes after you setup your Asterisk system maybe you hear MOH-Music so choppy.

Solutions which I test and solved problems are :
  1. check your Zaptel and especially module ztdummy (you can use this guide)
  2. check you VoiceGateway VAD (Voice Activity Detection) config and Disabled it ! you can follow my samples for Cisco AS5300 and Quintum Tenor
VAD Configurations :
1. Cisco AS5300 :
  1. Login to your Cisco
  2. Type : “conf terminal”
  3. Enter your voip dial peer : “dial-peer voice 200 voip” (200 is my dial-peer, yours maybe is something else )
  4. Type : “no vad”
  5. Press Ctr+C
  6. write your configuration by typing write command : ” write”
2. Quintum Tenor
  1. Login to your Tenor
  2. Type: “config”
  3. Type : “IPRoutingGroup” (depends on your config maybe need to add a number after this command )
  4. Type : “set VADEnable 0”
  5. Save your config with command : “Submit”