Drawing Cartoons and Comics for Dummies

After 8 years it’s my second time which I try to learn drawing cartoons.
I found this book useful but part 1 of book is so boring!
Beginning of part 2 makes you little move, learns you how to draw head,neck,under body,objects and at the end of this part shows you how to draw Editorial cartoons (political cartoons)
In next part learns you about assembling what you learnt until now, tries to give you views about perspective, learns some hints about using letters in your cartoons and in last chapter of this part helps you use correct layout and background for your cartoons.
Part 4 talks about how to enhance your cartoon in Photoshop and part 5 has hints for you if you wana be a real cartoonist

Overall I like the book, currently read until beginning of chapter 6 and you can see my first cartoons :