A New Community Site: Hamster Pad

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Are you a developer of iOS Apps in France? A depressed man who needs buddies? Then hurry to get to the Hamster Pad community. This fresh website by Matt Schlicht along with his pal McKenna unites numerous Slack towns, from programming-centric areas to chambers for authors.

“Nothing like Hamster Mat exists right today. We’ve got actually gotten the Slack API and began to make a whole social-network built at the the very top of the stage,” mentioned Schlicht. “Anyone may put in a chat, everyone may join a talk, and in the event that you become friends with somebody it is possible to observe what talks they’re in.”

“I notice the Slack environment as some thing quite much like the Fb system in 2007 when they declared their API. Slack, with 2 million day-to-day active users, isn’t quite as big as Face Book was in 2007, however, the chances are similar.”

The support is not pretty awful difficult. You register and select several bedrooms. You’re then encouraged to every chamber separately and after that you can speak to folks. Hamster Mat does not actually do much except provide all the great bedrooms in to one area and provide a few items of information about them including buddies who may be engaging in warmed conversations of calls and absolute amount of individuals on the web today.

His staff along with Schlicht also constructed ZapChain, a bit coin- discussion board that was run. This fresh support is another kind of community-based around the notion as well as simple and fast place that people would like to discuss to other people. A/S/L anybody?