We have a wide variety of topics, but one goal: to talk to you independently, critically and competently about specialist topics and to inspire readers about them.

We research tech topics every day, exchange ideas and create exciting articles together as a team.

Our promises


Our info is right. Our opinions are essential.

We really care about what we do. We find out how digital technology works because we want to know. Then we make it known.
Printed, live and online. For laypeople and professionals; for users and decision-makers.

That’s what makes us relevant.


Our position is neutral. Our results are open.

We work for our readers and users, not for anyone else. We research what we publish, test what we evaluate and know the experts to whom we offer a stage. We share the interests of our readers and users and serve them in a differentiated and understandable way.

That makes us credible.


Our actors are free. Our content self-determined.

We are journalistically and financially independent. As a publishing house and as editorial teams. We trust our editors so that our readers and users trust us.

Giving you a part of our reach

Brands and products today need one thing above all: quality, credibility and visibility.

The right approach and the right channel are crucial for the perception of your customers.

With our experienced media experts, we help you identify the right measures in the media mix. We advise you on which investments are worthwhile and which are not, and work with you to develop new ideas to gain exactly the level of visibility that will make you and your brand more successful.

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