How to Watch The Irish RTE From Anywhere

Have you been a big fan of RTE, the national tv channel of Eire? In case you are, you might have found that as soon as you leave Ireland you aren’t allowed to view the channel anymore online, because their displays and channels are blocked using a so called geo-prevent.

RTE PlayerA geo- block is a tool that checks your present location based on your Internet Protocol address, and if it understands that you are located outside of Ireland, meaning that you are browsing with something else than an ip that is Irish, you’ll not be allowed to watch the channel any-more. So, what is the solution to this issue? An Irish IP address.

The Way to get an IP from Ireland

To watch RTE away from Ireland you must get hold of an IP address that is Irish and that can be arranged with a VPN support. A VPN is an association that links your computer into a host in Ireland, and once connected, all wherever you’re on earth, your actions on the web may seem to origin from that machine in Ireland, rather than from your computer or tablet PC or cell phone. You can also try one of the Best Now TV Smart DNS as they work quite well for any program.

That which you’ll need to do in order to view RTE from Ireland that is outside and those plans locked by way of a geo – block is consequently a subscription to a VPN provider with servers in Ireland, connect to one of their hosts, reboot your browser and revel in surfing the Internet with an ip-address that is Irish.

Best VPN providers for an Irish IP address

If you just want to access some music from abroad, simply use the smart dns for Pandora.

We have examined a few VPN providers to examine which which ones provided the best speeds and results as we linked in Eire to their servers. Based on our tests the next three providers which provided the best speeds can be warmly recommended by us.

  • 1. PureVPN
  • 2. Express
  • 3. HideMyAss

PureVPN offered us the greatest speeds as we linked to to their host in Ireland, so in general we can cordially recommend their providers. HideMyAss and EarthVPN provided relatively the same results, so which of these providers you-go for is largely the exact same. You can also check these Express VPN Experiences.

Which Things to do now?

Head-over to PureVPN, sign up for their VPN support, obtain their applications, connect with their server in Ireland and see RTE from outside Ireland in not long from today. Also read this Mac VPN Setup.