VPN Windows 7 – Best Windows 7 VPN 2020

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Windows 7 comprise an excellent and perfectly practical option in the field of operating systems. Microsoft has managed to create a reliable solution that allows users to make the most out of the Internet and the convenient Windows frames. Unlike some other previous versions of Windows that have been proven inadequate for average use, Windows 7 has succeeded in establishing a great reputation right from the start. So, if you are a fan of Windows and you just can’t say no to their distinctive environment, you will feel great with this OS.

However, there have been several cases of security glitches and problems required addressing on the Internet. This is not a singular privilege of Windows 7, of course. Still, this is another opportunity for us to highlight just how important it is to engage in VPN when using the Internet. Below, we have covered the basics of VPN and Windows 7, so that you truly realize why they are such a great match. Let’s find out the top 10 questions about Windows 7 and VPN, shall we?

Why Do I Need VPN on Windows 7?

You actually need VPN on any OS, not just on Windows 7. The truth is that there are significantly huge threats that you ought to deal with in an effective manner. In order to do so, you are going to need a reliable ally that you can count on. This is indeed the VPN plan of your choosing! It stands for Virtual Private Network and it enables you to encrypt your data and hide your IP address.

How Can I Unblock Sites on Windows 7?

The geographically restricted sites are only accessible to people from specific locations in the world. With the use of VPN, you can choose to connect to the Internet via VPN servers located in the specific places. So, rather than revealing your true location and identity, you appear to be located somewhere else in the world – and unblock GEO-IP websites at will!

Will My Internet Connection Slow Down on VPN?

This used to be the case back in the early days. Nowadays, even if you notice some slowing down of the performance of your Internet connection, it will be insignificant. Either way, it is worth slowing down your speed for enhancing your security online to the maximum!

How to Find a Great VPN for Windows 7?

It depends on what you are looking for. Apparently, there are quite a few VPN service providers on the global market you can turn to. Compare and contrast them, based on the special features that value to you most of all. For instance, some Internet users value privacy over the cost and some others find it more appealing to get unlimited bandwidth than to have more simultaneous devices enabled.

Is VPN Costly?

If you take a moment and think of the dangers that no longer exist with the use of VPN, you will realize that it is not expensive at all! Especially if you commit to a longer subscription, you can find some truly affordable solutions. Just make sure that the VPN you subscribe to is reliable and qualitative.

Where Will I Download the VPN Software Needed?

Normally, the VPN service provider that you have chosen will send you the links with the necessary software to download. You can also check it out at the official website of the VPN company, too. Either way, you will not have any difficulty in finding out what to download upon signing up.

What Is the Best Feature to Look for in VPNs?

This is not an easy question to answer. Of course, the Kill Switch feature prevents you from being exposed to the web, in case your VPN connection fails to work properly. So, if we had to choose just one feature, this would be it!

Is Antivirus an Alternative to VPN on Windows 7?

Definitely not! With the VPN, you protect your web connection from hackers and malware at the same time. Still, this is not the only benefit you get! On the contrary, you can also expect to get thorough protection through advanced encryption and you can unblock geographically restricted websites. This is a power tool used for various purposes.

What Are the Security Protocols Used by VPNs?

The security protocols are the methods that are used for the encryption of data. OpenVPN is the most reliable security protocol to this date, but you can also use a plethora of other security protocols (PPTP, L2TP etc.).

Is It Easy or Difficult to Setup VPN on Windows 7?

It is truly easy for you to setup VPN on Windows 7, no matter if you are familiar with this kind of technology. We are going to show you how it is done, even though you will be given instructions and guides from your VPN service provider. Let’s have a look at what you will be prompted to do:

How to Setup VPN on Windows 7 (both Outgoing and Incoming)?


  • Click Start and type VPN.
  • Select to Setup a VPN connection.
  • Enter the IP address of the VPN server.
  • Choose whether or not you wish to connect now.
  • Write the username and password.
  • Click Connect.
  • At the bottom right side of your screen, you click on Windows logo.
  • Connect under VPN Connection.
  • Write down the domain and login information and click on Connect.
  • If you have problems, check the settings and select a different security type protocol.


  • Start, Network and Sharing.
  • Change Adapter Settings.
  • File and New Incoming Connection.
  • Choose the Users and then click Next.
  • Through the Internet and Next again.
  • Choose the protocol you wish to use and Allow Access.
  • You are done!

From all that we have outlined above, it makes total sense why you ought to use VPN on Windows 7. Make sure that you read more information about how you can make the most out of using a Virtual Private Network and customize it, so as to meet your needs!