What is the Usenet, what are Newsgroups?

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Usenet is a network of forums launched in 1979 allowing users to exchange all types of files. For 40 years now, users have been exchanging videos, photos, documents, video games and more in an encrypted and completely anonymous manner. It is therefore one of the solutions used to download without risk and bypass HADOPI. What are the best Usenet and Newsgroups? We answer this question here.

What is the Usenet, what are Newsgroups?

What is the Usenet

Before we tell you what the best Usenet is, well, more specifically, Newsgroup, we need to explain what it is and how it works.

Think of the Usenet as the network. It is the infrastructure that is used. Conversely, newsgroups are the “chat rooms” where users exchange information. Thus, we will talk later about the best Newsgroup, not the best Usenet. In reality, both terms are used quite often, which proves that the definition of these two notions remains quite complex to perceive.

On Newsgroups, you will have two types of :

  • Text files
  • Binary files

On the first ones are exchanged simple discussions, 100% texts. It will then talk about anything and everything like politics, cooking recipes, sports programs, travel or Jacky’s new car.

On the others, we find the binary files. These include photos, videos, music or software that users can exchange with each other. On the best Usenet newsgroups, several hundred million files are exchanged every day, always anonymously. This is because all data is encrypted, making it undetectable by your Internet service provider. Now that you know what Usenet and Newsgroups are all about, we will be able to explain to you how to find the best newsgroup services on the market.

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The history of Usenet and newgroups

Usenet is divided into several tens of thousands of specific topics, also known as newsgroups. To access a newsgroup, you need to go through the Usenet network and subscribe to an offer for a few euros. This way, you will be able to access all the discussions on a wide variety of subjects. But also download everything that is available on the network! The Usenet network is a network of secure forums with SSL encryption allowing you to download files safely without anyone knowing the name of the file(s) you may have downloaded. Your IP address is visible to both the internet service provider and the newsgroup provider, but they do not know what is passing through thanks to the encryption.

Almost 40 years after the creation of the Usenet, no less than 10 TB of data is shared on the network every day. Although the network is not new, it is still very active and makes it possible to bypass the HADOPI monitoring implemented in France.

With newsgroups, users do not send files directly from home to the recipient as in peer-to-peer. Here, the user uploads his file to a server that will duplicate it with all the others in the network to make it available in the different newsgroup servers around the world. Moreover the download speed generally remains constant and the speed depends on 2 criteria, the characteristics of your own internet access, and the maximum speed offered by the newsgroup provider, in other words, the speed is often excellent or even the best compared to all other types of file sharing on the internet.

Beware, downloading from newsgroups is still illegal when it comes to copyrighted content, as it is on any other type of community network (Torrent,…). But it is interesting to see that there is a lot of legal content available, and as long as they are very large files, then you will be able to take full advantage of the download speed offered by the newsgroup servers.

How to choose the best Provider?

best Usenet Newsgroup

40 years after its launch, the Usenet still attracts tens of millions of users worldwide. These are the same users who will share the files you are about to download. Without the community, the system wouldn’t work anymore.

But then, how do you choose between the different Usenet providers? What criteria should you look for in order to find the best newsgroup? Here are the 5 most important ones:

The number of Newsgroups

We’re going to talk about Newsgroup both to talk about the ISP, but also to talk about chat rooms. The first criterion to take into account to have the best Usenet Newsgroup is the number of chat rooms. The more chat rooms there are, the more likely you will find the file you are looking for.

If you are looking for rare files that are unlikely to be shared, then you should look for a Usenet provider with the most newsgroups. This will give you the best chance of finding what you are looking for.

Security and Anonymity

  • In general, all Usenet providers and newsgroups offer the same encryption : 256-bit SSL. In fact, you can be sure that your data exchanged is encrypted and that you are safe.
  • However, for those who want maximum anonymity, not only on the Usenet, but also while surfing the Internet, the best Newsgroups offer VPNs.
  • Of course, it won’t be ExpressVPN, CyberGhost or NordVPN, but you can still have very high quality VPNs like SpyOFF or VyprVPN (Usenetnl or Giganews).
  • The best Usenet providers in our comparison will often offer it as an option or included in their premium offers.

The Newsreader

When you download Torrents, you need BitTorrent software. Here, the equivalent of BitTorrent software (like uTorrent), it will be called a Newsreader.

The best Usenet providers in our comparison offer you a newsreader. This is where you will be able to access hundreds of thousands of newsgroups. If your provider does not offer one, you can easily download one for free from the net.

Speed / bandwidth

If you are someone who wants to download a lot and quickly, you will have to look at this criteria carefully. Indeed, the best Usenet Newsgroups offer you unlimited speed and unlimited bandwidth. However, this is not the case with all providers.

Be careful not to be fooled by offers that, at first glance, appear very attractive, but in reality are very limited in speed and bandwidth. Our comparison of the best Usenet Newsgroups shows you providers that excel in this respect.


While this should not be the main criteria when searching for the best Usenet from Newsgroup, you should still consider the pricing. And for good reason, prices still vary a lot between different providers. On average, you can expect to pay 8 to 10 euros per month for a quality offer. Below that, you may be too limited, and above that, you certainly won’t use all the services that are available to you. We will also mention the free offers for 14 days that can be found at the best Usenet providers and Newsgroups in our comparison.

The best Usenet provider: XS News

At the time of writing this article, the best Usenet provider in our comparison is XS News. And for good reason, in addition to offering more than 200,000 Newsgroups, it offers 14 days free (you fill in your banking information but you don’t pay) and then it offers excellent support and more than 4 years of retention.